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The Joys of Asian Escorts after Working Out

Any self respecting man out there includes regular visits to the gym as part of his weekly routine. Fitting in a tough, sweaty workout to keep us in peak condition and good shape is vital, especially with the summer coming. 

It’s no good looking like you ate all the pies if you want to attract the attention of gorgeous bikini-ready babes. What they want is to grab hold of is a firm bicep and feel a rippling six pack. What they don’t want to see are man boobs and a multiple muffin top jiggling around your shorts.

All it takes is a couple of trips a week to your favourite gym is to keep the love handles at bay. Half a

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The Secret of Relaxation

Some people think that there is a big mystery to the art of relaxation.  They are often those of us with a strong work ethic – individuals who are driven by success, perfection and of course money. In order for us to fulfill our maximum potential, it is often necessary for us to work at no less than 100% for 100% of the time.

Of course, relaxation can take many forms for different people. It can be classic unwinding, like reading a book by a hotel swimming pool or soaking up the rays on the beach in a hot country. For some of us, the concept of relaxation is completely different to everybody else. The wilder ones among us mig

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Asian Escorts for A Perfect Evening

You’re a successful man at the top of your game. You can walk into a Park Lane showroom and select a fabulous car because money isn’t a problem. You can go to any exclusive holiday destination you like; you can eat at Michelin starred restaurants and drink in the best bars. You can buy designer labels and stay at the best hotels.  Only the finest quality will do for you.

You’ve got everything you could ever want except maybe two things. One is time, and the other is the company of a beautiful woman. Your life is hectic and it’s impossible to schedule in a regular girlfriend. You may not want that kind of com

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A Different kind of Sport with Asian Escorts

Sport. Blokes love it. Football, athletics, horse racing and of course, boxing. Boxing is certainly one of the most popular sports and now there’s a craze which is taking the UK by storm and it’s called Chessboxing.

When people first heard about Chessboxing they thought it was an April Fool’s joke. The idea that you alternate one round of chess played in a boxing ring with one round of boxing, sounded like a very inventive shaggy dog story. Surely it couldn’t be serious. 

In fact, it has been around a long time – it started in London in the ‘70’s, and recently it has really taken off. &

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Something Different – Asian Escorts

There’s nothing quite like Central London for nightlife. The sheer volume of bars and clubs makes it a huge attraction for guys in search of a bit of R&R. It could be a stag do, a boy’s night out or a trip to Wembley to see your favourite football team in the FA Cup. It could be a business related trip or visit to see old friends. 


There are so many reasons why you could be visiting London – the important thing is to make sure that once you’ve arrived you do everything to make the most of it while you’re here. London is a thrill and it never stops. While you and your friends might have p

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